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On the steps of the first inhabitants.

The origins of this small town of Suèvres will surprise you.

Its name would come from the Celtic Gallic "Sodo brium", sodo refers to the name given to the river of Suèvres and brium or bria means "bridge"

(which gave "bridge" in English).

This town is therefore in its beginnings a "bridge over the river" according to local tradition and in Roman times, "a bridge over the Loire". This village already has many Celtic origins.

But what do we know about these first inhabitants?

In the Gallic period, in the 5th century B.C., texts mention underground caves, a kind of troglodyte, where these Celts with tattooed and blue-dyed bodies lived,

fishing and hunting.

Did they belong to the Carnutes people?

Very possible but, nothing could specify it.

Finally, recent archaeological excavations go back even further to the time of

the Sea of Falun. These testimonies have revealed here the presence of earthen turtles of 1 meter in circumference, mastodon teeth, rhinoceros and dinotherium bones.

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