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Suèvres, at the time of the mills and the small seigneuries

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Go back in time by exploring these small villages near Blois.

The village of Suèvres and Fleury can be visited by bike or on foot.

Stroll through these small streets and look for the manor of Fleury and

its water mills which date from the 16th century as well as

its magnificent wash houses, in perfect state of conservation.

After having told the famous and terrifying legend of the night washerwomen,

I invite you to discover the two mills that bear witness to these trades of the past.

Located in Fleury, not far from Suèvres, you have the first water mill dedicated to wheat, the second, to tanning. These mills, which are still working, are activated by the Rô. These trades related to leather have been around since the dawn of time.

In the Middle Ages, the leather working industry was organized and settled

in specific areas like here. The access to the skins had to be easy and the workshop

had to be close to a river. Our beautiful region lends itself to leather working

and it is not surprising that we can still admire these magnificent little mills.

You will also be able to admire the magnificent manor of La Motte mentioned for the first time in ancient texts in the XIII century. Its moat, its dovecote and its fortification are still visible. This manor bears witness to the rich past of the small seigneuries that settled here, near the royal castle of Blois.

Translation by DeepL



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