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The legend of the marinière

The Loire is a river of legends, discover this story that the elders used to tell each other during the evenings.

It is said that a woman "batelier" used to work not far from Blois, between Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire and Montlivaut, few people knew the exact place. She worked out of sight.

She was an older woman, solitary and a "bit of a witch", as she was said to be.

She only took young women on her boat and only one passenger per crossing.

She would wait for her client in the morning and ask for a much larger sum than the gentlemen.

She would then drop the young woman off on a small island like the one we can sometimes see on the banks of the Loire. The young woman would stay there for a while and very often, she would come back to the boat crying.

What was happening on this island?

This "witch" knew the powers of each plant. She offered these women a relief, the ability to have an abortion in the open. On the island, there was a vial containing herbs that she drank and then she simply had to wait for this mixture to act and thus get rid of everything that could compromise her.

Is this really a legend?

In any case, this little story has long been talked about here.

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