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Explore Loire Valley
Plongez dans les légendes
Le Monde d'autrefois
Les trésors cachés de nos villages

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Explore Loire Valley

Your guide to visit in family natural and secret landmarks of the Loir-et-Cher Valley

Discover the wealth of our local heritage : a "forgotten"teasure, a character, a legend or an ancient belief that will captivate your children.  Would you love to discover the little hidden history ?

I give you 7 places to explore alone with your family, thanks to my guide.
These sites are located in Blois or within a radius of 20 to 40 km.

I also can take you and your family to a targeted location. Trained in Art History and Archeology, I specialized in cultural mediation.

What is cultural mediation ?
Creating a link between a place, an artwork and its audience. I propose a initatory journey to awaken your children to the world of the past, its testimonies, its symbols. I challenge them through an observation and question game.

Look at our small villages, forests, and know-how in a different way.
Have fun and escape with your family by exploring these fascinating places !


What do you want to explore ?

Explore Loire Valley is born from several passions : the first is to discover the hidden sites of the Loire Valley, then, to explore them, especially the local history and legends, and finallyn to share all this valuable knowledge withh all those who visit our territory, espcially with children. Let 's explore in different way our fascinating heritage.
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