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About me

Candy Pastre

Art Historian, Cultural Mediator, Youth Author and...

Mum active since 2018 !


Indeed, my last position I've held since May 2018, has given me the desire to create my own cultural mediation society. We, as parents, know well that

it's important to always be up to our parental duties. We strive every day to find solutions to their curiosity or boredom. For a little over 4 years, I've been taking my dauhter to discover the world around her. As she's growing, I see her marvel at a castle or a painting, be intrigued and sensitive to ancient beliefs and local legends. A gene that surely comes from her mother :) who has been passionate about Art history and Archaelogy since childhood. I grew up surrounded by books. I dove into the study of ancient Art and i was led to work abroad, notably in Rome and Naples, through several cultural missions. Later, I wanted to continue traveling and went to Malta, then an opportunity presented itsel for Russia where I lived for a few months.

I've always worked in contact with History, Beauty and Know-How.

Becoming a mother, I decided to leave Paris where I settled in 2015 by joining the luxury sector. I was short on time. I wanted to offer my daughter a simpler lifestyle, far from the stress and agitation of big cities. By taking the time with her, then with other children, I saw how curious and sensitive they are to the word of the past. Educating and transmitting are the most powerful weapons we have to change preconceived ideas. Art, History, or Archaeology can appeal to everyone. It just needs the right method, in my opinon, which involves personalized and targeted mediation..

Pourquoi suis-je venue m'installer en Loir-et-Cher ?

Découvrez mon interview pour l'Agence Paris je te quitte en collaboration avec l'Agence d'Attractivité du Loir-et-Cher

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