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The legend of the talking well

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Walk through this beautiful village and discover the strange history of its well.

Located in the heart of the small village, this 45 meters deep well is still very much talked about.

There was a time when it was the only water point in the village. Today, we go there to discover its strange history.

At the time of King Louis XI, a knight who lived in Lavardin, just next door, had married a very talkative but

also very nasty woman.

Before leaving for the war, he made her promise to remain mute to avoid trouble. One day, the devil passing by, dressed as a troubadour, gave the lady an aubade (a little recital). She could not help but answer him maliciously.

Vexed, the devil spread his wings, took the shrew and dropped her on the hill of Trôo,

where she fell so hard that she opened the well.

Mephisto, such is the name of the devil of hell, came then on the coping (this big stone basin) and said: "For your eternal punishment, of all that one will say from above, you will say the last word". And since that day, it is She the echo...

Take the test, you will see, she will answer you !

A little story that always has an effect on children and you'll see,

the experience is worth it!

Don't hesitate to admire the splendid coping stone still present here,

which dates from of the XV century. It would have so many things to tell us!

Translation by DeepL



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