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The mysterious foutain in Cour-sur-Loire

In the charming village of Cour-sur-Loire, 15 minutes from Blois,

a mysterious, secret fountain lies hidden from view.

It bears the name of Sainte Radegonde, in honor of the legendary Queen who left her mark there.

In days gone by, in the heart of the Middle Ages, this humble fountain was a popular place of pilgrimage. People came from far and wide to gaze upon its brilliance and hope for a miracle. It was said to hold healing powers. Let me tell you about its birth 🌠

The story began with the queen, Radegonde, who was forcibly married to Clotaire 1er, the son of the great king Clovis. Alas, her husband proved to be a violent and cruel man. Unable to bear this painful existence any longer, the queen decided to escape her oppressive marriage.

One day, while traveling on a boat along the Loire, the queen felt the need to quench her thirst. Her heart told her to stop and get some water. The boat docked near the green banks, and Radegonde headed for a spot that seemed to beckon.

She bent down and lifted a small stone, and to her astonishment, a spring suddenly burst forth from the earth with sparkling clarity.

Time passed, and word of this extraordinary event spread among the local inhabitants. According to legend, a fountain was built on the site of the spring to commemorate this act of grace. It was said that the water from this fountain could cure many ills...

Even today, the fountain of Sainte Radegonde is venerated and celebrated.

So, if you decide to set off on an adventure along the banks of the Loire this summer, don't forget to stop off

at 📍 Cour-sur-Loire.



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