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The petrifying cave

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

A journey to the time of the Falun Sea.

90 million years ago,

this valley of the Loir was covered by the Falun Sea.

What does "falun" mean?

It is a geological term to characterize a type of rock.

It is a pile of fossil shells.

In those ancient times,

man did not yet exist and we were immersed in a tropical forest, surrounded by wild animals.

During recent archaeological excavations, sharks' teeth were found. This cave bears witness to this past.

Have your children observe the objects placed in this place which,

in contact with the limestone and the air present, petrify them for eternity !

This formation is of course extremely slow because for one centimeter,

it is necessary to wait ... a century!

A masterpiece of Nature, breathtaking and fascinating that you must absolutely come and contemplate if you are in Trôo.

Translation by DeepL



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