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Want to be an Explorer?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Here is our Top of the most beautiful walks and

sites to observe the Nature.

The Forest of Russy

At the gates of Saint Gervais-la-Forêt, near the Equestrian Center, at the crossroads of two roads, a discreet path will be proposed to you to discover a small corner of paradise, located out of sight, nestled on the heights of the hillside.

Observe, Identify, Track and Recognize will be your main missions.

We recommend that you download the Guidgo application mentioned on the signs at the start of the trail, which will be of great help.

We particularly appreciated the "wild" side of this small 2km path, which we have to climb a few times but which offers us, once at the top,

the most beautiful view on the Val de Blois.

Do not hesitate to tell your children the little hidden stories of our forests

of Saint-Gervais-la-forêt to offer them an even more special experience...

Beware, the power of imagination can be limitless!


The Forest of Chambord

In the domain of the castle, several pedestrian or bicycle routes are proposed to you free of charge

In order to take advantage of this privileged moment, observation posts are placed all over the domain.

Some of them are well hidden to be able to dive into the heart of the forest.

Being close to nature, contemplating the world around us and observing the animals in their natural environment is a beautiful and soothing experience that will give you the feeling of freedom and well-being you are looking for.

A little advice, bring a pair of binoculars to appreciate this beautiful activity.


The extraordinary Natural History Museum of Blois

Since 1910, the convent of the Jacobins, built in 1273, is today composed

of two museums, one dedicated to religious Art, the second to the natural History

of the Loire Valley.

The latter is a nugget!

This museum presents the local fauna and flora not in a chronological way but rather as in a curiosity cabinet. Here the children are kings! They can play, touch and observe the collections in detail.

You will easily realize the evolution of this natural environment, learn that a sea was once here, 15 million years ago,

the Sea of FALUNS (this geological term characterizes a type of rock, a kind of pile of fossil shells).

If you would like to explore more about this period, you should go to Trôo village

You will study all the species that live here and the different characteristics of this environment that has been evolving for thousands of years.

A beautiful immersive and playful experience to discover without a doubt !

translation by DeepL



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